Creative Ways To Style Oversized T-Shirts For Men And Women

Written by Zlaata Fashion


Posted on June 19 2024

Would you ever say no to a hot cup of coffee on a rainy day? Though we personally can’t be there to serve each of you; we have something better in store: Oversized T- Shirts. Yes, you heard us right! The comfort, fit, stretch, and ease of an oversized t-shirt will gear you up for any day of the week or keep you going through the endless seasonal changes in your life. Before you add these versatile pieces to your wardrobe, we have created a styling guide to make this your go-to outfit.

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Types Of Oversized T-Shirts:

Graphic Oversized T-Shirts

These tees rock with bold, eye-catchy graphics, designs, or slogans slapped on the front or back. Oversized graphics tees are the cool way to show off your interests, rep a cause, or make a serious style statement.

Ways To Style Oversized T-ShirtsOversized T-shirts
Minimal Oversized T-Shirts

If you’re someone who believes in the ‘Less is More’ ideology; minimal oversized t-shirts will be your match made in heaven. The simplicity and timeless appeal of these t-shirts draws back the focus to essential design elements.

Oversized T-shirtsWays To Style Oversized T-Shirts

Oversized T-Shirt Style Guide

  1. Athleisure Combos

Do you feel the GenZ era has brought in a wave of athleisure looks? Fear not! We’re here to help you ace it too. Throw on a pair of Baggy or Cargo pants with quirky graphic oversized tees. Wind up your look with high-top sneakers and some chains; and you’re ready to slay the streetwear scene.

Oversized T-ShirtsOversized T-ShirtsOversized T-Shirts
  1. Denim Love

They say, ‘When all else fails, wear Denim’. And well, who’s to deny that? Be it jeans, shorts, skirts, jackets or dungarees; you can style these drop sleeve shirts with any denim of your choice. Play around with some ripped or patchwork denim styles to create variety in your wardrobe.

Ways To Style Oversized T-ShirtsWays To Style Oversized T-ShirtsWays To Style Oversized T-Shirts
  1. Go Chic

(This one’s exclusively for the girlies!)

Fit or Flare, we’re here to make your styling rare. Take a detour from the normal looks and add a bit of spice with maxi skirts. Create a moment by styling these with monotone shades. From meeting up with friends for a cute cafe date to raging out at a party; these oversized t-shirts can take you from day to night at the drop of a hat.

Oversized T-Shirts For MenOversized T-Shirts For MenOversized T-Shirts For Men
  1. Biz Casuals

It’s time to add some life and comfort into your formal office wear. Amp up your casual Friday looks and upgrade the vibe of your office party with some baggy t-shirts. A Biz Casual look needs just one main element - A Classic Pair Of Trousers. Accessories these with platform slippers/sneakers and finish it up with messenger bags to make a workwear statement.

Oversized T-Shirts For MenOversized T-Shirts For MenOversized T-Shirts For Men
Psst…the key is to stay in the neutral and achromatic colour zone like Tan, beige, blacks and whites. Try not to go for an extremely over-the-top oversized t-shirt look, unless you are wearing a blazer.
  1. Layer Life

Layer it up like there’s no tomorrow! Go crazy this winter season and build on your oversized t-shirt base by adding bomber jackets or formal shirts to it. You can alternatively layer a fitted t-shirt with an oversized one to create an illusion of bulk and depth. Add a tinge of the modern urban feel by combining it with slim-fit jeans or joggers and some comfortable trainers. Go ahead, roll up those sleeves and don’t forget to layer it up with chains.

This layered look will make you stand out in a crowd, whether out in town or just hanging out with close friends.

Creative Ways To Style Oversized T-Shirts For Men And WomenCreative Ways To Style Oversized T-Shirts For Men And Women
  1. Accessorise It Up

Liven up your outfit and add some magic to your look by personalising your style with various accessories. Add chains and belts for that street vibe, Colourful or muted Fanny packs to stand out and have your essentials in place. You can always throw on either a Beanie, Bucket Hat, or Cap to add warmth while looking casually cool.

  1. Footwear Game

We’re here to add the cherry on top of the cake with our footwear game. Take your pick from a variety of canvas, high-top sneakers, platform slippers, sport shoes to pair with the oversized t-shirt of the day. You can style these kicks with no-show socks or choose to go maximal with full length ones as well. Remember, no styling can be complete without the right pair of footwear.

     8. Lounge Looks

Girlies, we have another one for you. And we say it’s time that you stop robbing the guys in your life of their t-shirts. These oversized t-shirts will do the charm and also give you your fave new fit. Introducing to you the T-shirt dress! Toss these on for the perfect lounge look, and for something more spicy, cinch in the waist with a belt or a cross body bag and pair these with knee-high boots.

  1. Simply Sporty

Cycling shorts/Shorts with an oversized t-shirt is what Tom is to Jerry, Bread is to Butter….What we mean is that they are a seamless combination. This classic look is not only cosy and effortless but is also perfect for your sporty outings. Stay functional yet stylish in a matter of minutes by adding sport shoes, and pulling up your hair into a messy bun for the complete look.

  1. Breaking Boundaries

Fair warning: This one can shoot up the heat (quiet literally)!

It’s time to either go big or go home with the last one on our list - Maximal Streetwear. Think loud colours and prints while styling your look, from florals to loud pops of colours and more, you can throw on a few statement pieces with your oversized t-shirt to stand out in the crowd. A few other things like beads, scarves and goggles can be added to look like the coolest freak in the room.

Oversized T-ShirtsOversized T-ShirtsOversized T-Shirts


Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to go all out!

All in all, there are several ways you can style these versatile pieces. Across ages, genders, style aesthetics and sizes, this is the one garment that stays steady in its appeal. We hope you love our recommendation, though we have listed down only a few. Now the only thing left for you to do is to add a few oversized t-shirts to your wardrobe, and get creative in the way you style yours.